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If it can be wrapped, we do it. Everything from from a boat or bus, to a Smart Car and everything in-between.


Your vehicle, you choose!  Whatever your coverage requirement and no matter your budget, we can get you wrapped and rolling in no time! 

Some typical wrap options are shown below...



Our most popular van wrap is full coverage!  Take advantage of mobile advertising at its best and let our team design you an unmissable road presence!

With the height of vans and visibility of the roof you can choose whether you want the centre roof to be wrapped.  And don't forget to tell us about any colour coded bumpers, wing mirrors or door shuts if you want these wrapped too.

3/4 WRAP


Don't want the whole van wrapped?  Why not go for a stylish three quarter wrap with added vinyl cut graphics designed to be eye-catching for a lower cost solution.

A three quarter wrap typically covers the rear doors and round to the front doors however the design possibilities are endless.  Speak to our sales team today to discuss your requirements.



Our 1/2 wraps have been a long time favourite of many of our clients. Depending on your particular needs and requirements, we can often design a 1/2 wrap that can deliver the results of a full coverage wrap. Talk to our sales team to see what options may be available to you.

1/4 WRAP


Our 1/4 coverage wraps are ideal for those who don’t need the full benefits of a wrap, or are looking for the simplicity and cost savings associated with a smaller 1/4 coverage. We always ensure we talk to you first about your budget in order to best determine what type of coverage may be best for you.

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