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Bored with the way your car looks? Or perhaps your car needs a spruce up?  Whatever the reason for changing the colour of your car here at Van Wraps we can transform your car with a vinyl wrapping film from a rainbow of colours with a variety of finishes including gloss, satin to metallic and chrome.  You can literally order any design, with any detailing that you would like to include.  Check out the colour cards and our portfolio for some ideas!



Unlike painting, you have the chance to see the completed project before it is done with a 3D rendering. You can inspect the colour swatches before installation, giving you a chance to make any last minute revisions. 


Whereas a car re-spray would be a permanent and expensive choice, wrapping is a temporary one. You can either choose to have it removed at any point in time, or wait until it has reached the end of its life span to remove it, either way the wrap can be removed with no damage done to your paintwork.

Wrapping doesn’t require nearly as much work or time to get done as a respray so you get your vehicle back much sooner. Plus, vinyl wraps protect your vehicle from paint chips and scratches, as they cover the factory paint job underneath.



Chrome car wrapping is one of our specialities.  Chrome wraps can be considered as the pinnacle fashion statement, seen on supercars the world over. These wraps are expensive due to material cost and the skill required by the wrappers to install a vinyl that is so difficult to work with.  We can make your vehicle look as good as new by wrapping the entire vehicle in a chrome wrap which in turn will make it stand out on the road. 



Carbon fibre wraps have become more popular with the rise of carbon fibre parts being used on high end vehicles. Not only is it light and strong, it also looks cool and costs a pretty penny, so we all want some carbon on our cars right? Well wrapping is the affordable answer to bringing the carbon styling to your vehicle.



At Van Wraps we have space in which to wrap all manner of vehicles.  This space is kept dust-free and at the optimum wrapping temperature, to ensure the perfect finish every time. 


Our technicians are experts in their field and have completed the 3M approved vehicle wrapping training. They also have plenty of experience, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that your car will be well looked after and the results will be fantastic.

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